Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Hat Club: Brooke Sharkey & Adam Beattie: Saturday, April 18th: 8pm

I don't know if you are aware of this but Di and I run a small music venue The Hat Club, in Beaconsfield, Bucks.
Musicians are having a hard time of it at the moment.
Why not make The Hat Club a habit?
It really helps Di and I (and the artists) if folk can commit early, pay their tenner and get their names on the club clip board.
This gives us the confidence of a decent turn out for the evening.
Guests are welcome.
Ring: 01494 671307

So, come on. 
Get the date in your diary.
Bring the family.
Bring a friend or two.
Spread the word.
Musicians are an endangered species.
Live music is a good thing.
The Hat Club is worthy of your support.

Future presentations:

Saturday 18th April - Brooke Sharkey/Adam Beattie
Saturday 4th July - Dean Owens
Saturday 1st August - Paul McClure & Pete Gow
Saturday 19th September - Chris Wood
Saturday 10th October - Boo Hewerdine
Saturday 14th November - Dan Whitehouse

The next Hat Club presentation should be something special.
Brooke Sharkey and Adam Beattie are up and coming and quite seductive.
Di and I first heard their delicate strains at The Union Chapel in Islington where they enthralled a packed house. We knew immediately that they'd be perfect for The Hat Club.
London based singer-songwriter Brooke Sharkey was raised between France and England.
At the age of 16, her musician Father gave Brooke the best piece of advice, which was go out on the street and start busking the first few songs she’d written.
Since then brooke has released 2 Eps and her Debut album ‘One Dress’ released in December 2012 recorded at Livingston studios in London. She went on tour the UK, France and Italy with her backing band.
Brooke has lured a considerable audience with her intense and expressive style, drawing the listener into her ever more narrative songs with a spacious backdrop of chanson, blues, folk and Latin music.
Her current band consists of Adam Beattie on electric guitar and backing vocals, a singer/ songwriter in his own right who will share the bill with Brooke.
Her new EP ‘I Crossed the Line’ was released on the 28th May at Wilton’s Music Hall, London.
Brooke is currently working on her new album and is planning a Uk tour in April 2015 and play the UK festival circuit. There are also plans to be in Spain and Italy in July.