Monday, 22 July 2013

In Cassidy's Care: Released Today

'In Cassidy's Care' is out today.
The first Miracle Mile release since Limbo (2007).
Thanks for all of the good wishes; they are much appreciated.
Please help us by talking the album up with your friends/circles.
Maybe write an Amazon review.
I had a nice surprise this morning when I read that Rob Marsh, longtime 'Friend Of Miracle Mile', had started a blog and one of his first posts was an extensive review of the album.
Read Marshman's review here.
We're having our album launch tonight; not a gig at the O2 but a BBQ in the back garden.
Rock 'n Roooooll!


  1. Mine's a Blandon Flyer - I'll be around about 7 :)

  2. See you then Nick; although around these parts 'The Blandon Flyer' is better known as a tired old hooker who plies her trade just off Kings X... Whatever floats your boat!

  3. You might be qualified to get a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.