Tuesday, 22 July 2014

To the Bone: Reviews: Vapour Trails

" It is like being privy to an intimate confession."

Here is a fantastic review of 'To the Bone' from Irish writer Seamus Duggan on his fine site; Vapour Trails.
Seamus is a perceptive and fearless writer who inevitably gets... right to the heart of the matter.
Excuse the platitude but it seems apt here.
His is a sanguine world view; worldly and (yes, hallelujah!) wordy; once you have visited his knocking shop, you'll surely return.
Enter the Vapour Trails site here:


  1. Thanks Trevor. Glad you like the review. It was rather a late night insomniac post but I guess that is rather apt? Late night seems like the musics proper domain. I'd almost take up drinking again just to have some wine with it..

  2. It's as lovely review. What's interesting is that it's all about the words… and, I guess that's the nature of this album. The music is vital but secondary to this particular set of songs. I hope/think that's what polarizes the meaning and the melody...

  3. isnt it interesting that different people read different things into the songs? an excellent review there by Seamus.

    1. Thanks, Macwood. I also find that the same person (i.e. me) can find different things in a song at different times. It can make a song new again. I always liked the way Tom Waits viewed his songs as children who went out into the world at which stage you have to let go of them and accept their independence.

  4. Ay, it's great that folk get to breathe a bit of their own air into a song...