Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lovesong: Gramercy Arms: Beautiful Disguise

I'm loving this.

Gramercy Arms are a Supergroup, a collaborative that's masterminded by songwriter/producer Dave Derby (left).
Their 2nd album is 'The Seasons of Love' and features a magnificently motley crew; the likes of Lloyd Cole, Joan Wasser (Joan As Police Woman), Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses), Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), Kendall Meade (Sparklehorse), Claudia Gonson (Magnetic Fields), Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices), Erin Moran (A Girl Called Eddy), Renee LoBue (Elk City), Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo) and others.
The new single from the album 'Beautiful Disguise' features Lloyd Cole and Joan Wasser, and comes with a gem of a video, replete with sonorous shadows and moody menace.
The album will be the soundtrack to my weekend.


  1. Good choice - got it last week - you need to investigate Colfax by The Delines too - check the blog :)

  2. Sorry to disagree with the Captain, but in my opinion that video reeks of unsavory fromage. Limburger methinks. Poor old, old Lloyd looks embarrassingly awkward throughout. Pulling weeds LC? When he throws down the phone acts like he picked up some pooh by mistake. And when they get to the "spotlight" duet it had me snickering because for some reason it reminded me of 'Flight Of The Conchords' goofy tune "I'm Not Crying"... Watch it, and laugh:

    As for the actual song... Real pretty, except when Joan Wasser chips in. Her voice doesn't blend well with Lloyd's. LC just doesn't do well with duets. I remember he did "For The Good Times" with Jill Sobule which was cringe-worthy.

    Something must be wrong with me... Been a massive fan of LC from 'Rattlesnakes' to 'Antidepressant'. Then sudden indifference to his last two albums, whilst everyone else raving they're his best yet. Guess I won't be getting a Christmas card from Lloyd...

    Hmmm... Am I becoming 'Mr. Agreeable' from The Quietus?

  3. Ha! The Contrary Canadian chirps! Watching back I can see what you mean. First time I watched I didn't realize it was Lloyd; I was so transfixed by the female lead's hooter. (That's 'hooter' TT, not 'hooters'). Joan's voice is an acquired taste. I like the unsettling nature of the song. It doesn't sit easy; I'm calling it 'tension' rather than fromage...
    I'm off to see Lloyd at the Purbeck Folk Fest in a couple of weeks. I'm giving him your post code. And you know how grumpy Lloyd can get...