Monday, 15 December 2014

Toronto Tim Says: My Best of 2014

Tim Patrick is a good friend.
Here are his choice cuts from 2014.
As you can see, he knows his onions...
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Come on. 
We all like a list.
Mine follows shortly...


Excellent year for new music! There won't be many surprises listed here, since I've already tipped my cards earlier in the year via several 'hissyfit' postings. 
Here they are anyway...


JONES  - "Somewhere North Of Here" (Easy choice. Another timeless classic)


THE WAR ON DRUGS - 'Lost In The Dream' (blown away by this one. Earns a slot in my top 30 LP's of all time)

THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART - 'Days Of Abandon' (mixed reviews by critics, but it's my top "pop" album of the year)

CHERRY GHOST - 'Herd Runners' (sparkling gem from Simon Aldred - highly recommended)

JONES - 'To The Bone' (a grower - Yes, a change can be good, very good...)

JOE HENRY - 'Invisible Hour' (Humdinger... May be Joe's best ever...) 

BEN WATT - 'Hendra' (I miss Tracey's golden pipes, but Ben's voice in fine form & very solid tunes abound)

DAMIEN RICE - 'My Favorite Faded Fantasy' (still a few cheesy lyrics, but a surprisingly strong return to form - Thanks TJ)

TOM HICKOX - 'War, Peace & Democracy' (promising newcomer. "Pretty Pride Of Russia" my 2nd favorite tune this year)

BILL PRITCHARD - 'A Trip To The Coast' (unknown veteran makes a real nice record)

PETER JAMES MILLSON - 'Sweet The Love That Meets Return' (lovely album, full of heart - Thanks Nick)

SILVER SEAS - 'Alaska' (best mate and longtime co-writer of Josh Rouse, produces catchy tunes that sound like... Josh Rouse!)

PEARLFISHERS - 'Open Up Your Coloring Book' (way too sprawling, way too sweet, but I'm a big fan of David Scott so this one makes the list)

FUTURE ISLANDS - 'Singles' (kinda weird stab at retro 80's synth-bands that caught my fancy)

NOTE: Sorry to some old favorites whose latest releases just weren't good enough - Bruce Springsteen, Deacon Blue, James, Stars, Simple Minds, um... U2. 
Also, Mary Chapin Carpenter's latest 'Songs From The Movie' would have made my "Best Of" list, except that it consists of older songs reinvented with orchestral arrangements, so doesn't qualify.


  1. Ha Ha - Nice one Tim - you probably have no idea of what's gone on with the the banter regarding War On Drugs album!!! It's topped lots of polls over here and in the US but has, let's say, divided opinion, eh Trev? Glad I've got some of these. MCC, well, it made MY list - it wasn't really a Best Of, so in MY book - it qualifies - quality list though.

    1. Aha, so my mates have been having intercourse behind my back, have you? Ha Ha!
      As I've said before, I wasn't sure if y'all would "get" WOD as much as moi. Growing up on the left side of the pond, and raised with classic/heartland rock like Dylan, Bruce, Tom Petty, Henley I guess I'm predisposed to appreciate a band like this. Still, I also hear equal echoes of UK bands like Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, New Order, Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized. First "rock" album I've loved in ages! Won't hold against you guys. We've just got different taste buds!

  2. OK, here goes for my list of 2014 (in no particular order)

    My Album of 2014 - Simone Felice - Strangers

    Mary Chapin Carpenter - Songs From The Movie

    Danny & The Champs - Live Champs

    Good Luck Mountain - Too

    Ray Cooper - Palace Of Tears

    John Fullbright - Songs

    IQ - The Road Of Bones

    The Delines - Colfax

    Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds In Country Music

    Robert Reed - Sanctuary

    Yes - Heaven & Earth

    Tim Bowness - Abandoned Dancehall Dreams

    Stone Foundation - To Find The Spirit

    Robbie Boyd - So Called Man

    Luke Jackson - Fumes & Faith

    Blair Dunlop - House Of Jacks

    Jones - To The Bone

    Doug Paisley - Strong Feelings

    Peter James Millson - Sweet The Love That Meets Return

    Redlands Palomino Company - Broken Carelessly

    Oysterband - Diamonds On The Water

    Paul McClure - Smiling From The Floor Up

  3. Mmm. More homework for me then Nick!

  4. Just done a Spotify list of my fave. Lots of cross over Tim, but I need to see if any late entries in my Xmas sack . Going to try silver seas and war on drugs tops my poll too. What is it with the deacon blue lp? The production seemed fuzzy or were the songs just not as good as the last LP ? Anyway disappointment of the yr

    1. I know what you mean about the DB album David. Seemed unfocussed; like the band had trawled 20 years of unrecorded demos and were allowed 2 choices each...

  5. Lots of cross over with my favourites too. In my best of the year selection I'm with you, Tim, with The Pearlfishers, Bill Prichard, Ben Watt, Cherry Ghost and ofcourse Mr. Jones. To those I'll add ;
    Roddy Frame - Seven Dials
    Allo Darlin' - We Come From The Same Place
    Erland and the Carnival - Closing Time
    Martin Carr - The Breaks
    Weeping Willows - The Time Has Come
    Neville Skelley - Carousel
    James King and the Lonewoves - Lost Songs Of The Confederacy
    Skinner Group - Back on the Horse
    Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots
    Lapland - S/T
    The Orchids - Beatitude 9
    The Autumn Defense - Fifth
    Compilation of the year goes to Boo Hewerdine fighting off fine albums from The Dream Academy, The Bluebells, The Jazzateers and Bowie
    and lastly track of the year to Tom Wardle 'She Kissed Me'
    ...and David I'm with you for Deacon Blue being Dissapointment of the year.

    Now to go and check out War on Drugs that everyone's going on about
    Tel Aviv

    1. Interesting list Phil. As eclectic and Scottish-leaning as ever! Homework...

      I didn't really want to make it unanimous & say it out loud but... Yeah, Deacon Blue my disappointment of the year too. Wanted to like it, but seemed re-fried to me...

      I have to admit that my initial impression of Pearlfishers latest was similar, but it's grown on me a lot. Coulda been trimmed back a few cuts... No?

    2. A lot of new stuff for me there Phil. From your list I know but Roddy and Damon.

    3. Orchids is mighty fine and the Martin Carr one is a pop classic - especially the one about Katie Hopkins ex apprentice.

      I agree with Tim it has been a good year ....but I've found I've bought more lps which I like but there hasn't been a real all killer no filler. Lots of good stuff but maybe missing a great

    4. Tim, usually I'd agree with you on an LP's length. 45-50 minutes is perfect but every so often something comes along that can last over an hour without outstaying it's welcome. The Perlies album is just such an example. Absolutely no fillers. Pop gems of the highest order.
      Silver Seas -ordered. Thangs for the heads up.
      David , again I find myself agreeing with you. Lot's of people saying 2014 is a vintage year for great music but I thought 2013 was better. Of the albums I've bought I reckon maybe 3 would make it into my all time top 100 and they're all long standing favourite artists, (Jones, Roddy, Pearlfishers)
      By the way ,Tim, I was really surprised at Roddy not making your list, Deliberate?
      Tel Aviv

    5. Ever observant Phil... Last year you nailed me on my glaring omission of my old fave Lloyd Cole, this year it's Roddy given the snub. I can't explain it. As with the last two LC releases... Glowing reviews by everyone else, but somehow the record just didn't connect with me. I recall that I received 7 Dials the same day as Ben Watt's Hendra. The lushness, and the hooks were so immediate on that one. I liked Postcard & Into The Sun from 7 Dials but nothing else grabbed me. I promise to give it another chance. Being a loyal fan of Roddy, I understand you're flabbergasted, but it's hard for me to profess love for something that I don't truly love. We went through this before with um, "LOVE" as I'm sure you well recall...

  6. Lots of good stuff to choose from this year:

    As the others The War on Drugs album is phenomenal - will become a classic.

    Trevor's album took a while for me to 'get' and I needed a number of listens before it hit home but is a beautiful piece.

    Other stand-out albums for me:

    Steve Gunn - Way Out Weather

    Leonard Cohen - Popular Problems

    Sharon Van Etten - Are we there yet?

    Alien Envoy (Nick Kelly) - Loads

    Beck - Morning Phase

    Blake Mills - Heigh Ho

    Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots

    Phil Selway - Weatherhouse

    Gruff Rhys - American Interior

    Goat - Commune

    Disappointments were under performing albums from Ryan Adams and Eels (Good but not as good as they should be)

    Most looking forward to the Decemberists new album.

    Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year


    1. Hey - someone else has the Alien Envoy lp! It is a piece of loveliness

    2. The Fat Lady Sings Twist was the album of my youth so have always had a soft spot for Nick and he never disappoints.

  7. Nice list Glyn. I loved the reassuring tone of Lenny's; the woozy comfort of the Beck album and the downbeat charms of Damon's. The rest is homework!

  8. I do like the sound of the silver seas one - just checked out on Spotify and order placed with the other evil empire. Thanks Tim

  9. one thing that's nagging me is the random numbers in these lists! 13 , 21 - what's happened to a good old top 10 (top marks for Glyn) or top 20. I'm finding the randomness slightly disturbing

  10. Oh boy, someone really is having a hissyfit... I plead insanity and lack of mathematical skills. Punishment?
    By the way David, I hope you'll publish your Top 10 (or whatever #) here this year. Last year you left us in the dark about your selections, leaving me curious...

  11. Will do - part of the trouble is from about aug onwards I start sticking cds on my xmas wishlist and am expecting a bumper crop this yr - so best of probably wont appear until first week of jan - maybe trev will allow me a guest post?

    1. Of course David. You and TT in a naked arm wrestle over scorpions and broken glass. The fuel of my fantasies. Bring it on!

  12. Tim for ref - last yeasr was
    1 crimson red prefab sprout
    2 english electric omd
    3 Beast in its tracks - josh ritter
    4 ghost of a mountain - tired pony
    5 machineries of joy - british sea power
    6 in Cassidy's care - you know who
    7 triumph of hope - mostar diving club
    8 standards - Lloyd cole
    9 terra firma - stornoway
    10 rewind the film - manic street preachers

    just currie just misses out

  13. Thanks Dave, your list reminded me to order Tired Pony. Look forward to your guest spot...

  14. Nice to see a shout out for the Steve Gunn album - I really rate that one :)