Monday, 17 August 2015

Happy Blue: Vinyl Cut Today!

Crickey; how exciting is this!
You know how, sometimes, mega moments can pass you by without you even noticing?
Well, today my new album 'Happy Blue' was cut to vinyl. I almost missed the moment until it was mentioned in passing by our soundmeister Peter Beckmann.
Beyond 'Bless this Ship', a 45 that I made in an early MM incarnation with Stephen Smith and Phil Philip Sands (a Radio 1 "Record of the Week' with Mike Reid back in the day) this is the first time any of my stuff has been committed to the black stuff.
Peter Beckmann donned his white coat and oversaw the operation.
He sent this along with "There you go. That's your actual side A right there.."
And here it is:
'Happy Blue'
Side 1
Bright and shiny and desperate to be loved...

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  1. That's great news Trevor. You can put me down for a copy! Strangely one of my (old) songs is coming out on vinyl this year as well. Also the second time...