Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Hat Club: October 10th: Boo Hewerdine

Marcus "Boo" Hewerdine is an English singer-songwriter and record producer.  His work includes lead singer and creative force behind The Bible, formed in the 1980s, and reformed in 1994, as well as solo recordings and work for film. He has also produced records by several artists, including a long association with Eddi Reader. He has been described as "one of Britain's most consistently accomplished songwriters".

So says Wikipedia.

I say that Boo's one of my favorite songwriters; sensitive, intelligent, funny and always engaging. 
His songs are sad and uplifting. 
There's always hope with Boo.
This'll be a return visit. 
You probably missed his first performance at the Hat Club. 
Most of our members did.
Why was that then?
Answers on a postcard to: thedogatemycarkeyswhilstIwaswashingmyhair.co.uk
I strongly suggest that you come on down to the club on Saturday, October 10th.
Boo really is unmissable.
The rugby and 'Strictly...' you could tape...
There's even a surprise guest...
8pm start.
£10 in.
Guests are welcome.
All proceeds go to the musician.
You will not dance, but you might just shed a tear or two...