Saturday, 14 May 2016

Day Break

Day break.
Up with the lark again this morning.
I never sleep that well when Di's away.
Anyway... half asleep and reviewing last night's detritus: a half empty/full bottle of Japanese whiskey (Yamazaki), half a bar of Green & Black with sullied foil and melted (Almond) chocolate all over the white sofa, a half empty/full tub of now liquid Haagen Daz (vanilla) on the floor alongside a half eaten take away (Garlic Chicken curry).
After a half arsed attempt at clearing up I've half a mind to really commit to something today... after yesterday's half hearted inertia it seems that today will be a day of favorite but imperfect things.
So far:
Strong Lavaza in my favorite Corsican china mug (the one with the broken handle) spilt down the back of the cinnamon chair...
'Mingus Ah Hum' on the stereo (side 2 scratched to buggery).
Just pulled on my knackered old sailing shoes (hole in the toe) after ripping a bigger hole in my favorite jeans by putting my black toenailed toe through a tiny hole in my already shredded holy G Stars - ripped to buggery now... but not trendily so - and now putting my cracked racket into my smelly (is that really me?) squash bag. My squash shoes also have that hole in the toe thing too. Back hurts almost as much as my head. I need to stretch out my hamstrings but have forgotten how to do that properly.
Where's Di when you need her?
Thinking of going back to my quilt; you can't break down...

'King of America' is playing.
You guessed it... buggered!
Christ, I'm even breaking wind now...
Any suggestions for later?
Records/films etc?
Your favorite but imperfect things... I've already got Townes Van Zandt lined up.
And where's Di when you need her?
Meanwhile... back to the detritus and then my car (Y plate) awaits... I hope that it starts.
I wanted to leave you with this certain song but... the video link was broken on every You Tube version (seriously).
I eventually managed to track this link down.
Have a great break...

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