Sunday, 25 September 2016


I might get some flack for this but...
On the eve of the Presidential debates...
It's not now about policies, or promises.
It's come down to personality; to credibility.
Bizarre given the two remaining options.
Clinton or Trump?
Whose face would you want on your dollar?
That's America's decision and America's dilemma... and the world holds its breath.
It’s unsettling that Hillary’s history of ‘glass house’ dishonesty gives folk a reason not to want to vote for her. As does her gender. It’s a sad truth that many Americans just don’t want to be told what to do by a woman.
Trump is a man’s man. Yup; Donald tells it like it is. In 'Plainspeak'. He tells us that he speaks for America’s ‘Everyman’, articulating their everyday fears and frustrations. It would seem from Donald’s words that those blue-collar concerns are steeped in bile. Trump sees himself as a heroic savior for a threatened nation, when in fact he abides in a bubble that protects him not only from domestic discomfort and from the realities of the world that he hopes to rule, but also somehow abdicates him from taking any responsibility for past actions or the very words that he speaks. He doesn’t even pay the taxes that his government might well soon be collecting.
He sets himself apart; perhaps he sees himself as a knight in shining armour as he parades his hazardous propaganda as higher truth; dysfunctionally disassociating himself from reason and responsibility.  He's more like a self appointed super hero. Trumpman's superpower is that his suit of lies renders him impervious to the sword of truth. His strengths do not feature 'apology' or 'forgiveness'. I'm unsure what his kryptonite will turn out to be but I fear that it will be a heavy fall for Donald. He's sure to take a few of us down with him. Meanwhile, his candidacy has become bewilderingly indestructible. Perhaps, for those who see his contempt for others as a strength, it's his forthright energy that appeals. He is relentless. His dumbed down 'philosophies' have been distilled into a potent and toxic hooch; an elixir that's sating the insecure and putting fire into a previously dormant underbelly. Donald's not the champion of the working man; he’s become the self-aggrandizing champion of the frustrated flat track bully, the sorry sexist, the raging racist; the champion of the closet chump, the inarticulate underachiever whose incoherent frustrations are finally being given shape, credence and a platform by Trump’s bullying, vile and vulgar rhetoric. Unstable, dishonest, self absorbed and as dangerous as a loaded gun in playground; Trump doesn’t speak for anyone but himself…

One of America’s genuine ‘voices’ has taken some flack from ‘his own’ for recently observing Trump’s world-view as ‘idiotic’. He’s not a leader of men, but he is an unwilling spokesman for the ‘little man’. There’s more genuine compassion in one of his songs than in the whole back draft of Trump’s ghost written speeches.
Whose face would you prefer on your dollar?
Come on America. 
If you'll consider Trump you'll consider anyone.
Me? I'm hoping for Hillary to surprise us all but...
Why not Bruce for President?
The choice is actually yours…
It's time for you to find some reason to believe.

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