Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Anything by Sigur Ros

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago.
We've just returned from our travels; fallen for the island again after recent disenchantments. I forgot to pack the ipod so we had to rely on an old CD player that skipped like a 7 year old and one or two new CDs that we played to death (Max Richter/Peter Broderick/Paul Buchanan and... Sigur Ros which is indeed the perfect soundtrack for gazing at mountains).
More of the trip later; I hope that you've missed me as much as I've missed you...

We're off to Corsica today for a couple of weeks so I'll be dropping off the blog map for a while. There'll be a tale or two to tell on my return; we've got a house to sell...

I've just received the new Sigur Ros album 'Valtari'.
It's a beautiful thing.
Any Sigur Ros album would work as a Sunday Morning Blue album; in turns uplifting and melancholic the Icelanders work wonders with their fairly limited template. They do the widescreen post rock thing even better than Mogwai, but I really like their acoustic songs.
Hvarj/Heim is a double album, essentially the soundtrack to a fantastic documentary 'Helma' that was made during a low key tour of Icelandic backwaters. The film is brilliantly shot; the soundtrack's 2nd disc Heim is my favourite; here they do acoustic versions of some of their better known songs.
Stripped bare they are gut wrenchingly beautiful, tender and intimate.
Perfect for Sunday morning contemplation.
I strongly advise that you buy the film.
I think that Bazza's currently got mine.
I want it back!
I've posted Helma's trailer beneath this lovely version of Samskeyti.

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