Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Max Richter: The Blue Notebooks

One of the many pleasures that we get from the house in Corsica is that it gifts us a spectacular silence; quieter than anything you've ever heard. This makes the occasional local intrusions particularly potent: a church bell, a shepherd's call, George the donkey laughing uproariously from across the valley. We're mindful of the music that we fill this venerable void with. There's a lot of classical music, local polyphonic songs, anything needs to be of a gentle lilt.
I forgot the ipod this time so we were stuck with the few CDs that were already in the house but they all skipped like seven year olds; so we mostly played the dozen CDs that I'd made up for this trip; prospective car music.
I've been listening to a lot of modern classical of late and the music of Scottish/German composer Max Richter sits atop the pile. The cyclical nature of much of his music gives it a meditative, hypnotic quality; undeniably emotional stuff, the perfect balm for a Sunday morning hangover.
My current favourites are 'Memory House' and particularly the intimate beauty of 'The Blue Notebooks', fragments of which are to be heard below.

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