Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Waterloo Sunset: Ray Davis

The Olympic closing ceremony was brilliantly bonkers; our good mate Kim Gavin choreographed the whole thing.
My two favorite musical moments were from the old guard; Eric Idle and Ray Davis; it's easy to forget  what a potent song Waterloo Sunset is; Ray performed it with an élan that belied his years.
I once sat next to him and a scruffy woman in a Crouch End curry house. The woman turned out to be Chrissy Hynde; disappointed to relate that Ray is a Chicken Tikka Masala man; I expected more of him...
A suitably mundane interview (thankfully brief) to explain the mundanities that inform Ray's writing.
Then... what a song; a real love song to London.
I think that Jimmy Nail tried to achieve a similar gravitas for Newcastle with 'Big River'.
Not even close but... oddly affecting.
I really like the song; whenever I play it Di looks at me as if I'm Dave Lee Travis...
There is a video of Jimmy and Mark Knopfler made for MTV which put me right off my corn flakes, so I've found a clip with just the audio...


  1. Whenever anyone poses the Beatles or Stones? question my answer is always Kinks. (And I've always had a secret regard for Jimmy's Crocodile Shoes but I'm not letting that cat out of the bag!)

    1. Yup, The Stones had the attitude, The Beatles the melody and The Kinks the words; they'd have made a great supergroup.

  2. If you lived on or near the Tyne during the period Jimmy Nail describes and then witnessed the decline it would pull into a sharper focus. And if it's Nail that's the barrier there's a terrific version by North East folk singer Bob Fox that you should investigate.
    The line "... and then they played the latest number one" is so perfect in the song.

  3. Sorry, re-reading my bit it does seem a bit dismissive on Big Jim.
    I loved the Crocodile Shoes stuff; borderline cringeworthy but oddly compelling.
    Anyone remember 'Rock Follies'?