Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Aarhus Festival

This coming Friday I'm playing with the World Music Orchestra at the opening gala of the Aarhus Arts Festival in Denmark. 
The orchestra is a collaboration of invited musicians from around the world.  
Three songwriters have been asked to add their voices to the evening: Lisa Hannigan (solo artist who once sang with Damien Rice) will sing the title track from her Joe Henry produced album 'Home', Danish duo Eva Dahlgren + Simon Strömstedt will sing 'This is Our Time' whilst I've been requested to sing 'Hopeland'.
The opening is in front of the Queen of Denmark and an audience of 1600... could be a tester; especially without Marcus there. 
Still; should be fun. I'll let you know how it all pans out; wish me well.
Marcus and I were also commissioned to write a song for the festival's theme: 'Big - Size Matters'. We submitted a song that forms part of 'In Cassidy's Care', 'Big Circus'. It's a domestic drama that witnesses the results of Cassidy's small dramas. Apparently a film maker will make a 'short' for the recording. It may well inevitably end up as a clip on YouTube....
I return on Saturday then run for the Corsican hills for a week so will be off the radar for the next two weeks. 


  1. Whot! A gig? 1600 folks? The Queen? Quite a leap, sounds scary. Bring along your bike clips...
    All the best, break a leg!


  2. Just got back from Denmark... and wanted to report that... "The Boy Did Good". In fact he was quite brilliant!
    I can't begin to say what a great time we had.
    The singers and musicians became instant friends... we loved them and they seemed to love us back.
    I've now got the bug big time... "lets do a tour"... no I can't sing but I'll take the pics.
    Hopefully there's no stopping Trev now. This is what you're supposed to be!
    Love Di

  3. Shall I start work on the merchandise? x