Sunday, 29 September 2013

In Cassidy's Care: Reviews: R2: Jeremy Searle

In Cassidy's Care

The latest outing from perfect-pop purveyors Miracle Mile is actually a concept album. Fortunately the dragon, starship, wizard and damsel count is zero, as the narrative arc charts a relationship from beginning to end and beyond. It's not an original idea but it's brilliantly executed. Miracle Mile have been masters of intelligent, thoughtful, literate pop for many years and this is no different.
The songs are masterpieces of subtlety and observation clothed in sumptuous, lush melodies. There's genuine depth to the music and, far from just being an observer, the listener is fully engaged in the fate of the characters while, all the while, humming the irresistible tunes. Trevor Jones's vocals capture the anguish hope and despair of the protagonists while the music, rather than glossing over the surface, buoys up the words and enhances them. There's no particular song to single out - all would be highlights on lesser works.
'Underrated' is a word used of people who are anything but (see Richard Thompson). Miracle Mile are not only underrated, they're so far under the radar they're practically submerged and they deserve better.
This is one of the great records of 2013. Buy it and fall in love.

Jeremy Searle


  1. Welcome back Trev...

    Been awhile, eh? Kinda strange cranking up the old PC again. I think after all of the excitement climaxing with the finale of the Top 125 / Albums For Life we all may have suffered a form of musical burn-out. It was all quite a thrill, and I think Sir David at COS was wise to close shop on a high note, when he did. I must admit to feeling a major void immediately following the countdown. Fortunately, the many joys and adventures of summertime helped to fill the gap. Still, I very much missed the daily routine, all of the marvellous referrals of overlooked music, the passionate enthusiasm of shared selections, as well as the inevitable verbal ribbing of questionable picks. Finally, the general unity of a little community, bound together and born out of a love of what we believe to be "the best music in the world." It was a blast, however a sabbatical was required...

    I'm still hoping Dave will open shop at COS on weekends some day. It's not the same without the sister-sites. Seems most of our treasured musical secrets are out of the bag now, along with a few skeletons, but I think there's still plenty to uncover/discover/revisit. I hope you'll carry the torch Trev. Your Prefab Sprout/Joe Henry/Jim White pieces are a great re-start...

    Re ICC: Another nice review by Jeremy Searle... I imagine writing reviews must get difficult. There are only so many adjectives and metaphors... It's all been said and done before, but "They're so far under the radar they're practically submerged" is one I haven't heard before!

    Note: Nothing coming close to competing with ICC for my "Album Of The Year" yet... Great to chat again!!!

  2. Great to hear from you Tim. There was def'a bit of 'burn out' after the top 125; almost felt post coital... I agree that the 'community' thing is missed; almost sensed that we'd all shuffle into the same room at some point; whether it's front row at some Blue Nile revival or an old people's home remains to be seen; I'm sure that we'll all be wearing the same t shirt...
    I've been prodding David COS a little; you never know; I miss his typos almoist as much as his enthusiasms...
    Thanks for liking ICC; it's had great reviews by those who have given it a chance; there are moments when it feels stillborn...
    All well with you and Myrna? Time for a letter? Funny, I was dusting off the Carver book that you sent me; it's a lovely thing...
    Currently resetting; wondering what's next. I met and connected with Jim White in Aarhus; I'm hoping that we might do something together; but always miss the company of Mr Cliffe...

  3. Strange I was just thinking about the 'Top 125' today and how much I miss COS, Still hoping David will re-start the site. A Christmas special would be a good start, with all the best albums of the year, talking of which, I'm with Tim 'ICC' is still no.1 for me ,even with the return of Paddy!
    Tel Aviv

  4. Blimey; that's a compliment indeed (and in need) Phil. Thanks!
    I like the idea of a Xmas special. Maybe best 25 albums of the year starting Dec 1 and culminating on Xmas day...