Friday, 20 September 2013

Lovesong: Thomas Dybdal: 'But We Did' & 'Love is Here to Stay'

One of my all time favourite albums is Thomas Dybdal's 'One Day You'll Dance for Me, New York City'.
It's a soulful, heady concoction that hangs together by the skin of it's teeth... just beautifully.
I'm loving his new album, 'What's Left is Forever'.
This was produced in LA by the master of 'smooth sounds' Larry Klein.
No worries that he might bland the boy out; Klein's Californian luster works a treat...
Meanwhile, here's a rough and ready Thomas, video footage was shot at the old church that Di and I saw Jim White perform in a couple of weeks back.
If you are London bound it's a good idea to keep an eye out for gigs at St Pancras Old Church; it's as intimate as you can get. Be warned; the seats are your typical church arse nippers, so be sure to ask the pastor for a cushion to avoid 'numb bum'...


  1. Listening to One Day You'll Dance for Me, New York City. Liking it a lot.

  2. One of my favourite sunday morning albums Seamus...

    1. Have you been listening to this?

  3. Seamus, I have a pirate of the album... I think it's premix, unsure who sent it to me.
    If you'd like it I can send it drop box.
    Email me can you? I've lost your address...

  4. This is quite tasty. Went to see Justin Currie in The Gate in Cardiff. That's an old converted church too, complete with pews seating :)