Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Lovesong: Aztec Camera: High Land, Hard Rain

Marcus is in the studio today whilst I'm at the coal face.
Not fair!
He has the marvelous Melvin Duffy in weaving his pedal steel magic on our latest recordings. I hate missing out on these days; it's great watching a steel guru in action. We have worked with two of the best in the past, Mel and BJ Cole; alchemists both, yet they each produce a totally different lode. I'm looking forward to hearing the results next week when we continue with the mixes.

Meanwhile, I've been looking back...

"If you write the truest thing you know as a teenager and you write it well, it’ll be no less true three decades later. When Roddy Frame played those old songs, I remembered again why they swept me away." Pete Paphides

'High Land, Hard Rain': Jesus; 30 years old this year!
I remember buying this on vinyl the week of release, spinning it over and over, seeing the band live, wanting to be Roddy.
I was too old of course, he was just 19; the boy wonder...
I won't bang on because two folk have already addressed this brilliantly:
Read journalist Pete Paphides over on his Hidden Tracks blog and Drew over on the blog Across the Kitchen Table.
Then go and order the album here on Amazon; yours is surely languishing next to my lost (5th?) copy.
If you buy the box linked set you get the first 5 albums for just over £10.
Avoid the Remaster btw; apparently it's a dogs dinner...
Di's away this weekend so I'll be getting out the fringed suede jacket and doing one in front of the bedroom mirror. Might even post it on YouTube; apparently I need to improve my 'Profile'...
Here's the excellent 'Walk Out to Winter' live in '83 for The Old Grey Whistle Test.
Amazing: the glasses that render Bono a twat look so cool on our boy.


  1. Did you go ?
    If you didn't you missed one hell of a gig . We had shit seats (last row in the balcony ) and therefore had a disconcerting view of slightly thinning hair everytime he bent his head (bang goes my Dorian Gray theory), however the sound was crystal clear. I'm 46 and I left still wanting to be Roddy Frame.
    If you did make it shame we didn't bump into each other for an interval beer ... although it took forever to get one as for some reason there was 3x more people selling ice creams than on the bar!.

  2. Missed it David. Was unsure whether I wanted to be there for reasons of nostalgia. I saw the first tour (magical) and didn't want that golden memory tarnished.
    Favourite song on the night?

  3. So disappointed that Roddy only managed to arrange a 3 gig 'tour' for the 30th Anniversary. Sick of all this Londoncentric nonsense!!! A few more people actually live outside the capital of Eng er land you know!!!!! By the way, it's a great album!!!!

  4. It was fantastic. Started with an acoustic set kicking off with birth of the true and then a gorgeous version of how men are showing what the overproduced love could have been. After half a dozen songs he was joined by 2 others to do an "east kilbride" set of early tracks that didn't make the lp but were on the early postcard singles or b sides to high land singles. After a break it was the lp with many of the songs better than their recorded versions. Finally a bit of a best of encore ending with somewhere in my heart. The playing and singing was pitch perfect as you,d expect but i was a bit surprised at how genuinely funny and entertaining he was. He also seemed truely thrilled at the reaction he got. All in all it was a bit of a religious experience.
    macwood - we need some benefits to having to put up with Boris johnson

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