Sunday, 8 December 2013

Springsteen and I

My Springsteen weekend continues apace.
1/4 of the Penderyn single malt left and a chilli bubbling away on the gas ring.
And I've just had this delivered (on a Sunday!) by Amazon.
I don't know whether to open it up and play it or wait for Di to return home tomorrow.
I haven't been so anxious about breaking a seal since my first packet of condoms!
Come on readers, you've got to help.
Break the seal or wait?
Break the seal or wait?


  1. Break the seal. I'm sure Di would understand. Mine should be hitting the doormat tomorrow then :)

  2. By the way, you didn't say you were having a Springsteen weekend. Does this include getting out your 8 track recorder and producing your version of Alaska.? But you may need some more Welsh firewater. You could call the album Beaconsfield :)

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