Saturday, 10 May 2014

Macwood Fleet's 'Albums of 2014': To the Bone

To The Bone is beautiful, delicate, like whispers in the wind or that glimpse from the corner of your eye. It draws you in and seduces you with both sounds and words. It's Trevor Jones' most simple and perhaps honest record - emotions stripped down 'to the bone' and the stripped down feel to the album compliment the music perfectly.
If you hear a more beautiful album this year then I'll eat my Marshall gigging cap.

Chuffed to relate that 'To the Bone' has made Macwood Fleet's 'Albums of 2014' list.
A compliment coming from a man who is steeped in music.
Pre release is always a nervous time, so it's gratifying to know that the album is resonating with folk.
Sir Macwood Fleet is actually Nick Baker; a Welshman with a big hat, a big heart and a bigger record collection than Whispering Bob. He knows his onions does Nick so, again, that magnifies the compliment.
Read the review on his fine blog here.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Mr Jones. It's an album to be proud of. And as I said, you always produce quality :)