Wednesday, 27 July 2016

200,000 Hissyfit Hits

I'm fast approaching 200,000 Hissyfit 'hits'.
That seems quite a lot for someone who's only ever sold 11 CDs...
My initial intent was to use the blog alongside the Miracle Mile website so that I could update folk daily with the ascension to world fame and fortune that was inevitably coming the way of me and Marcus and our music. Marcus and I have worked long and hard on both Miracle Mile albums and my solo stuff and I'm wondering if there's anything left in the tank. The creativity reservoir is currently running a little dry.
Anyway... thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read my ramblings and contribute here.
If you haven't yet heard my music with Miracle Mile or as 'Jones' why not give us a listen?
To celebrate hitting the 200,000 mark I'm going to make you an offer that you might refuse:

- Order any album through the website and get 2 more free
- Yup: that's 3 Miracle Mile or 'Jones' albums for £10
- Simply go to the Miracle Mile Store here
- Order an album via the Paypal button and, with your order notes add the words: Hissyfit 200,000 - - Please remember to include the titles of the other 2 albums that you'd like and I'll do the rest
- If you'd like to buy Happy Blue on vinyl I'll offer it for £10 plus one CD for the same period
- Offer lasts for another 2,000 views; i.e. until I get to 202,000 hits. 
- That should give you a week or so... I'll be lenient with postal orders

Ay; if you don't use Paypal you could post a cheque directly to me including the titles that you'd like.
Cqs to:

'Trevor Jones'
18 The Green
Wooburn Green

I'll leave you with a piece of music that is currently floating my boat.

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