Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kindness of the World: How Best to Serve...

Listening to this and, after the last couple of days, wishing that we could trust in the kindness of the world.
A cold and hard truth is that the world's cold and hard.
Thank God for music...
It'd be blithe to make dedications but I hope this helps my French friends see some light beyond the current darkness.
Viva Le France?
They are a strong, proud nation and can look after themselves. For a multi-cultured culture, theirs is a strong sense of patriotism that surely promises a severe response. Let's hope for something other than simple retribution. But what? Christ, the last lines of La Marseillaise warn:

They’re coming right into your arms
To cut the throats of your sons, your women
To arms, citizens/Form your battalions
Let’s march, let’s march
Let an impure blood
Soak our fields!

It's an ancient chant but oddly prophetic.
I hope not.
Victor Hugo famously said:
“Serving the homeland is half of duty, serving humanity is the other half.”
History endorses that no profound wisdom can prevent an injured party from beating its shield and baring its teeth.
Let's hope for a measured response, not a knee jerk.
And beyond that hope? What a dilemma...
As the reality of Brexit kicks in I've never felt closer to Les Bleus.
Vive la Liberté?
As a wicked minority try to press their values upon the world I guess that's the question...

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