Saturday, 22 September 2012

Eva, Lisa and Brian

One of the pleasures of the recent Aarhus festival was meeting and performing with some great folk.
The singers at the gala were Sweden's Eva Dahlgren, who duetted with Simon Strömstedt, and the lovely Lisa Hannigan from Ireland. 
There was also a guitarist, Brian Lopez from Tuscon Arizona, who was moonlighting: as well as playing with Giant Sand he also has a solo career and has recently released moody little gem of an album 'Ultra' which you can read about on Di's page here: 

Here is a video of Eva singing with Danish band 'Oktober'. The accordion player is Francisco Calí and the cellist is Ida Nørholm, both of whom played in the Aarhus 'Orchestra'.
I've then posted a video of Lisa singing a campfire version of 'Home', the song that she did for the show. 
Young Simon is yet to record but I'll feature him when he does; he's a real talent...
Speaking of talent; I'll try an track down some footage of the musicians in the 'Orchestra' and post later.

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