Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden: Cinema Paradiso

I stayed too long at the party last night...
It was a friend and neighbor's 40th birthday celebration; all within crawling distance of home.
There were dancing girls and Mojitos and a vodka luge and no Di to hold me back...
I woke up at 11am with my shoes on; at least I got to bed.
It reminds me what a balm music can be.
I'm recovering to the delicate strains of an album Pat Metheny made with bassist Charlie Haden.
'Beyond the Missouri Sky' is a beautiful thing; only just better than silence and a pill...
Here's some footage of the twosome in concert taken from the Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz in 2009; playing the main theme from the wonderful 'Cinema Paradiso'.
I've followed it with a clip of Morricone's original score, which maybe should come with a 'Spoiler Alert' for those who haven't seen the film.
For those who haven't seen it: See It!
It all reminds me of when Di and I saw Haden live at Les Paul's legendary club in New York: 
Funnily enough the trip was my 40th birthday present from Di. 
We'd just flown in and had somehow blagged front seats at the tiny venue. I noticed that Haden kept looking over in my direction; nudging his piano player and chuckling; I looked to my right and Di was asleep blowing a big drool bubble... 
That's dancing girls for you...

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