Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Albums for Life: 27: Thomas Dybdahl: One Day You'll Dance for Me, New York City

I know nothing about Norwegian song writer Thomas Dybdahl, even though I have all of his albums. 
'One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City' has only been in my life for four or five years now but is already a firm Sunday morning favourite. All of Dybdahl's work is excellent but this one squeezes just so; there's an almost asphyxiating undercurrent of melancholy that doesn't let up; it's all strangely compelling; as though you're overhearing something, rather than listening.

Click here for a great live version of the title track that won't show on the blog for some reason. It comes complete with a proposal and acceptance...
Meanwhile, here are some clips that will actually play here; 'Love Story' (official video) 'It's Always Been You' (piano/live) 'Henry' (taken from the album) and finally a more intimate performance of the title track on acoustic guitar.
Sorry that I can't wax lyrical on this one; unsure why; I just prefer to hit 'play'.


  1. I've ogt some of these tracks on a compilation called Songs (I think bought on the back of either a previous post of yours or a track from one of phil's cds or possibly neither or both).

    If I was going to break my no comps rule then songs would have been in there.

    1. This album def' needs to be listened to in order...

  2. Listening long and hard to this guy Trevor. Very impressed by what I hear.