Monday, 8 April 2013

New Album News. New Free Miracle Mile Download Available

About a week before we were due to do the photo shoot for 'In Cassidy's Care' I got hit in the eye by a squash racket. 'Chicks dig scars' ventured the twat who hit me. Thanks Jim...
I briefly looked like I should have been ringing the bells in Notre Dame...
Ice and Vitamin E suggested Di as she rubbed vaseline on her lens.
We gave the shots to Bazza for use on the cover. I mentioned the eye. 'I did notice that one eye was a bit manky' came the reply 'so I photoshopped the offending orb'. The pictures came back and, bugger me, the so called 'manky eye' that he'd worked on was the good one! You'll soon be able to play 'Knackered or Old?' when you get the to see the CD cover. I can't afford sunglasses so, as you can see, I'm affecting a squint to cover all bases.
I'm thinking Warren Beatty; Di sees Peter Falk; fecking Columbo...

This site is about to become more and more a vehicle for the release of Miracle Mile's new album.
Although the official release date is June 22, 'In Cassidy's Care' should be available to 'Friends of Miracle Mile' very soon.
Yes, that's you my friend.
It will however be available as a High Res Studio Master Download through Linn Records from Monday onwards.
I'll post daily about developments so please keep eyeing these pages.
Our Webmaster Max is beavering away as we speak, updating the MM website.
Again, I'll give you a nudge when it's up and running.
There will be a 'Shop' and a PayPal button so that we can swap spit...
Meanwhile, in an the spirit of generosity and in attempt to focus on all things MM:
- I have replaced the free Noisetrade download of 'Ghost of Song' with a gratis 'Taster' of MM & Jones tracks from all of the albums (except for 'Candids' which is currently out of stock.)
Click here or see the 'Noisetrade' tab on the right.
Go on, is dead easy; fill your boots.


  1. I've held out a long time, but I guess I'll be downloading my first album ever... deflowered. You continue to deviously drag me into the 21st century...
    Good to hear Max is alive & kicking. He's was a pioneer with Rainsound. Would never have discovered a lot of great bands, including MM without his site. Tell him thanks!!!

  2. Tell him yourself TT; I'll email his email.
    I'm sure that he'd appreciate a pat on the back; it's a pretty thankless task being a 'Friend of MM', just ask Max, Barry or Nick. Not even a gig to elevate the work at the coalface...
    And please do not download; the CDs should be here any minute... worth having the artwork...

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