Thursday, 11 April 2013

Miracle Mile Website Updated and Active: In Cassidy's Care available to Buy

OK folks.
Our Webmaster Max has updated the website.
You will also be able to buy 'In Cassidy's Care' and any back catalogue via the site store.
£10 includes VAT and p&p to anywhere in the world.
Order today and your CD will be in the post immediately.
Please advise if you want the shrink wrap broken and the thing signed.
If you don't do Paypal please email me direct at:
We can chat about payment (cheques etc) and delivery details.
It's been a while; I hope that it's been worth the wait.
Thanks to you all for your patience.
Thanks particularly to Max for all of his hard work on the site, to Barry for his stunning CD design and to Peter Beckmann for another Mastering triumph.
I'm listening now and it all sounds rather lovely...


  1. You've made my day Trev. Been waiting for this and hopefully I'll finally get to hear it soon, oh and could I have it signed please.

  2. All ordered. REALLY looking forward to it! If I could have it signed that would be great!!

  3. Order complete. Load up the carrier pigeons...