Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Jones: To The Bone: Update

The album has been lovingly mastered by Peter Beckmann. 
Pete has pressed the 'stardust' button and has duly worked his wonders. 
One or two minor adjustments will see the the album off for production early next week.

Here's the running order with a tantalizing quote from each song:

Phil the Hat: Let's raise a glass to our younger selves

Dream HorsesSeven lonely satellites, circling my desire

Pardon Me: The love and the lust and the longing will always end up in our songs

Some Kind of Surrender: I reach out to you, reaching back at me

Books to Bed: When all hope is gone, we all grasp at straws

Man Behind the Moon: I could be beloved as I hide behind the moon

Angelicana: I know that in my blood I choose my words for sound

Cabin Fever: A question is forming. A knot is unravelling

The Fullness of Time: We danced as Dusty Springfield sang

Fireworks: It's magic we crave, explosions of wonder

Glimpsed and Gone: What does that mean?

To the Bone: If you're never awake you're never alone

Somewhere North of Here: Kindness is a kind of love and love it is a kind of fear

Row: I pray that the day will deliver all that's outstanding to me

Here below is what your CD will look like.
Makes me wish that we'd gone for the vinyl version...


  1. Looking good. I can almost see the Phillips label on the vinyl - can't wait to hear it :)

  2. I read an interesting book recently, "Conversations with Tom Petty" which I enjoyed. Nice quote by Petty, talking about song-writing & where he looked for inspiration...

    “Where there are people there are stories
    Where there are stories there are songs
    Where there are songs there are people searching
    For where they belong.”

    I can only imagine what it's like to be blessed with the talent to write a song... a good song. The artist as a watcher & listener of people, places and interactions. The ability to ponder all of that stuff, then in a four minute song retell and share insights into those stories TP mentions, throwing another angle at an often mundane subject that connects with the folks... with a melody!

    Thrilled to see "To The Bone" coming hot on the heels of ICC. Intriguing glimpses of the lyrics, and the packaging looks beautiful. Can hardly wait for the release. Talented & prolific you are Mr. Jones...

    1. Some might say just a bit needy TT. Nice quote from Petty. The compulsion to connect is a strangely potent one. It's already been said that stories are told by people who can tell them... a bit like the old firelighters; the keepers of the flame relied on the mysteries of fire and its origins for their worth. I think that there's a parallel with songwriting; any kind of writing actually. We've all got stories dormant within us. I think that the charm is not just learning what to say but what to leave unsaid and, when all is said and done, or when words fail you, to simply listen. Rekindle. More fuel for the fire. I've been told many times that I'm the world's worst listener. Maybe that helps explain my position in the pop charts...

  3. Well said Tim. Couldn't have put it better myself.

  4. I can only echo what Tim wrote. Prolific indeed, with every output never falling short of excellent. I'm looking forward to enjoying this with a single malt!
    Tel Aviv