Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Lovesong: Jo Hamilton: Think of Me & Liatach

Morning all.
I hope that you are feeling better than me...
Trawling for some new music on New Year's Day I found this.
Nothing particularly original I know but there's something in the voice and arrangements that hit head and heart hard; an emotional bullseye!
I've never heard of Jo Hamilton before but these two songs are stunners; both taken from her 2009 album 'Gown'.
All the best for 2014 by the way...


  1. Afternoon :) yeah, had this album for a good while after hearing her on Bob's show a couple of years back. Good to see you hunting down some new stuff :) - Happy New Year to you & Di.

  2. You are everywhere and nowhere baby!
    How did the 'P' go down?

  3. Very nice indeed. Thinking of getting one of the round hip flasks :) - May meet Mr P again tomorrow :)