Monday, 13 January 2014

To the Bone: Jones: Latest

'To the Bone' is finished; mixed and ready for mastering by those men in white coats: Peter Beckmann and Marcus.
That'll be Wednesday.
At that point we send the Hi Res files off to Linn Records who will make the album available as a 96 bit Hi Res Download and also as CD and MP3 quality downloads.
Hi Res seems to be the way ahead; read about it here at Audiophlie Audition.
Proper Records will be distributing the hard copy CDs upon release which should be around May time.
I will however be making the album available to buy via the MiracleMile/Jones website 'Store' here once we get the first pressing back; which should be early February.
No vinyl edition at this point but never say never...

'To the Bone' is back on personal ground.
After the balm and reflective calm of both 'Hopeland' and 'Keepers' and the dispassionate objectivity of 'In Cassidy's Care' this album comes from a period of relative instability.
For me, the daily dramas, the joys and the sorrows, the love and the longing; always ends up in a song; usually those songs stand as resolutions. 
This particular bundle still sit a little unsteadily so I’m unsure of their worth. 
A reticent recommendation I know but…
If I’ve learnt anything from the past year, it’s to wear your life loosely; it fits better that way. 
Mine’s still currently a tight fit, although a little baggy around the knees. 
And you’re only as good as your knees…
Thanks, as ever, to Marcus; my friend, my confidante, my brother.
And dedications?
This one’s for me.

Meanwhile, here's an early look at some of Barry Cross's excellent artwork:


  1. Looking Good TJ :) - bring it on :)

  2. I wish you all the luck in the world! :) Barry's artwork looking great! :)