Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lovesong: Beck: Morning Phase

Beck's 'Morning Phase' was our soundtrack on Saturday as we drove the coast road from Hastings to Beachy Head. We walked up the glorious South Downs and there it was; the infamous cliff edge that too many sad souls have stepped off.
Tiny crosses everywhere...
I didn't propose, so I didn't jump.
We sat and sipped as the sun set over the sea, surrounded by toy planes, kite flyers, people throwing themselves off the cliffs with wings strapped to their backs.
It was a lovely end to a lovely day; a day that inevitably ended in a mash up on the M25...
So we put this album on again and sunk back into our smugly snuggly heated seats.
This really is beautiful.
Don't listen to it too intently.
Just put it on and look at it from the corner of your eye for glimpses of true pastoral beauty.

1 comment:

  1. It is indeed a beautiful album - a lovely continuation of the Sea Change vibe - but recorded under happier circumstances - played it to a couple of people who have said, 'Is that really Beck?' - and it sounds even lovelier on vinyl :)