Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weird and Wonderful

You probably don't know this but I run my own music venue with Di.
The Hat Club abides within our local squash club.
We can just about squeeze 60 folk into the bar.
Tonight is a sell out!
Martin Stephenson plays.
I'm sure that you remember him from the 80's & 90's.
'Boat to Bolivia', 'Gladsome Humour & Blues' were never off my turntable back then; I saw him play many times with his band The Daintees.
Martin has just released his 41st (yup) album 'California Star' to much acclaim.
Anyway... this morning a copy of the monthly magazine 'R2' dropped through my letter box.
My band Miracle Mile have an interview within, courtesy of Jeremy Searle.
We also have a track on the free 'Unherd' CD that comes gratis with this fine mag.
And who do you think has the track before ours?
You couldn't make this stuff up!


  1. Nice - I will have to save up my hard earned pennies and visit your venue :)

  2. Please do Nick.
    I can guarantee you a warm welcome...

  3. Loved Boat to Bolivia but never really kept up. Doesn't feel like it could be forty or so albums ago. That's some release rate! However, for £10, I'd be heading out if I was in the vicinity and you could (boom, boom) ~squash~ in one more. Hope you have/had a great night.

  4. It was a sell out! Cracking evening with a quirky, engaging performance from Martin. What a picker!