Thursday, 6 March 2014

'To the Bone' Jones: Available Now

My new album 'To the Bone' is available to buy now through our website.
Please click here to access the Miracle Mile/Jones store.
PayPal is the payment method.
Otherwise you could go old school and post your £10 cheques (p&p included worldwide, whatever)
Trevor Jones
18 The Green 
Wooburn Green


  1. I have ordered my copy now!! Cannot wait!!

  2. Ordered. Looking forward to getting a package on the post.

    1. Thanks for your continued support Seamus. No Waits' darkness I'm afraid, although it is stripped back a bit. Hope you like it...

    2. Still waiting. Should arrive on Monday morning to lighten the day...

    3. In case you think I'm just not saying anything, I'm still waiting. Customs must have it or something.

  3. I have got mildly excited as my wife (Di) likes 'Books to Bed'.
    Just played the album 3 times in a row. I guess that you have always written close to your heart but this time it just seems more personal. I have to confess I felt the tears welling up at the end. Maybe I'm getting to be a big softie in my senior years but this album has a chunk of your soul and I think that Marcus has responded with a sensitive and sympathetic production that elevates the album. I am looking forward to getting to know it more.
    I failed to mention that it is very very good! I love the way it ends...

  4. Thanks to the above (Chris). Always nervous at the first response. Good to have it from a seasoned soul who knows his stuff. Really appreciate yours andDi's attention Chris!

  5. Hi Trev

    Beautiful is how I would describe it,Ive had a good few listens now and its everything you hope for, nothing more and nothing less...!
    Simply Stunning to be honest, keep going...(haha)

    All the Presidents men say Thanks...!

    God Bless man.

    Your Northern Friends.

  6. Thanks Geoff; glad the CDs got their safely and hit the mark.
    Please keep me posted with President's progress...