Friday, 23 September 2011

Lovesong: Patience is a Virtue

I know that a lot of folk out there revere The Blue Nile.
I've crumbled at gigs alongside many a crumpled misty eyed middle ager; it seems that we are of a breed.
The last show I saw was Paul Buchanan solo (backed it seemed by, erm... The Blue Nile minus one) at Hammersmith Odeon. This interview alludes to the reasoning behind the tour. It was an excellent night, very moving and involving (we were on the 3rd row). Yes, Paul sang 'Strangers in the Night' like an angel but it inevitably got me longing for some new stuff.
I won't be holding my breath; I've heard that the Blue Nile are no more (is this news?) but in trawling the megahertz (thanks Paddy) I found this site that enabled me to download (free) 'Patience is a Virtue', a double CD of oddments, out takes etc. It's a mixed bag but some of the stuff is fine. Have a listen to this beauty:
Wish me Well
I was hoping that the compilation would include 'Meanwhile', a song that was often played at gigs, but it seems that it's never been recorded. Here's the best version that I can find. Live, rough, ready and quite beautiful...
Meanwhile by The Blue Nile

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