Thursday, 22 September 2011

Work in Progress

'Work in Progress' seems to sum up my life at the moment; no bad thing; at least I feel like I'm moving towards something... The new album has had an interesting life so far. Regardless of the creative genesis (more of that later) Marcus and I decided on a different approach for this album: once the songs were written, I would take them into the studio and perform them to the blandest pad or musical accompaniment possible (not my usual guitar) so that the musical direction was not predetermined. I would then leave the room and Marcus would colour the sketches in his own sweet time. That's still the plan; I've done my bit; the 11 songs are writ and sung. The sessions will reconvene when Marcus has put a roof on the new studio. Norbury Brook Studio is being relocated; from 'Chez Cliffe' and into his garden. Maybe this will make our new recordings less urbane and more... pastoral. Watch this space...

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