Thursday, 29 September 2011

Skeletons: Cover Story: Coffee and Stars

For 'Coffee and Stars' designer Nick Reddyhoff introduced us to the work of Norfolk photographer and artist, the late Katrina Anne Maclean (1956-2007). The design that we finally chose was developed from a photograph that Katrina had cherished from her childhood; of her shoeless mother on a beach, caught in a moment of grace. It tied in poignantly with the cover of 'Alaska', a boyhood shot of Marcus with his mother (who was soon to pass away), both similarly impervious of the lens.
'Coffee and Stars' is a collection of songs taken from the 7 MM albums. 
'Guggenheim' was selected from 'Slow Fade'. 
It was the first Miracle Mile song that Marcus produced...


  1. Whilst I enjoy the obvious benefits of downloads, I believe there is something magical about opening an album such as this. Behind every picture or quote, there is thought. And it doesn't stop there. This album is a treat. First time I listened to it I knew it was one that would go to the front of my collection. Beautiful sound quality, lovely harmonies and carefully considered and thoughtful lyrics. I'll treasure my copy for sure!

  2. Thanks for your kind words; glad that you are enjoying the album.
    We do mither about sound and presentation; it's nice to hear that folk on the other end do so too...

  3. There you go! Anyone who uses the word "mither" in regular speech must write decent lyrics! I rest my case!
    Selyna Malinky

  4. Northern roots perhaps Selyna.
    Still trying to get a copy of your novel btw...