Friday, 30 September 2011

Skeletons: Cover Story (Stories We Could Tell)

Scanning our back pages I've found some images that were never used; proposed covers that didn't make the cut etc. I only have images from 'Stories We Could Tell' onwards but I'll detail stuff as it's rediscovered. I''ll also include the press releases for each album.
'Stories' is probably my least favourite MM cover; a bit murky and unfocussed. Not the artist Nick Reddyhoff's fault, we forced an 11th hour change on him as we decided that the final design looked too much like a solo album. We also changed the title from 'Holding Patterns'. Things weren't helped by the fact that Marcus was in Japan when I sent him these covers that were so mememe that somehow Miracle Mile had been mis-spelt as 'Trevor Jones'. Marcus flipped and... I think he had a point.
As you can see (top right) it was all an innocent miscommunication...
Have a listen to 'Milk Moustache' from 'Stories We Could Tell'; I always loved the arrangement on this one.

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