Friday, 3 May 2013

Di's Albums for Life: 20 - 11

Di seems to have gotten her knickers in a twist over number 14...

11. To Be Frank - Nik Kershaw
12. Leave No Trace - Piers Faccini 
13. Figure 8 - Elliot Smith
14. So - Peter Gabriel
14b. Hard Candy - Counting Crows
14c. Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis
15. Hatful of Rain - Del Amitri
16. The White Album - The Beatles
17. We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things - Jason Mraz
18. The Seldom Seen Kid - Elbow
19. Hats - Blue Nile
20. O - Damien Rice


  1. Dusty seems to be a point of agreement on many lists!

  2. Some great picks there. I'm presuming "The Mr Blobby Album" will appear in the Top 10? Yes, I've seen the infamous video... 1,262,014 views of a lovely gal in a naughty tryst with the bulbous pink creature!

    1. Di would like to remind you that she (and Mr Blobby) knocked Take That off number one.
      As she's ironing she is listing the other greats that she's worked with:
      Roy Orbison
      Diana Ross
      Take That
      Sandy Shaw
      Dusty Springfield
      Gary Glitter & Rolf Harris
      George Benson
      Bobby Davro
      Lena Zavaroni
      Janet Jackson
      Nik Kershaw
      Jerry Lewis
      Tom Jones
      Shirley Bassey
      Bonnie Tyler (!)
      Kiri Tikaniwa (?)
      The Weather Girls
      Alvin Stardust
      David Essex
      Matt Munro
      Pepsi and Shirley (!!)
      and... Frank Bruno
      Not sure if that's ascending or descending order...
      She also met The Queen and would like it put on record that she was the star of a CVit TV advert as a tap dancing lemon...

    2. Wow, that's a very impressive resume. Martyn Joseph wryly tells the story of how one of his pensive ballads was steadily edging up the charts, only to be trampled on by that sleazeball Mr Blobby. Showbiz just ain't fair...

  3. That would make a great Billy Joelesque 'We Didn't Light the Fire' list song.
    Suggestions here please.
    I'll get us rolling with:
    'We went from Shite to Dire'...

  4. were gary glitter and rolf harris together at the time?

    1. Apparently they've both fled to a self regulating haven for pedos called 'Ban Cock'...
      Fact: Rolf Harris sang 'Happy Birthday' to me for a tenner.
      Fact: My dad paid; the more remarkable of the two facts...

    2. A close encounter with Rolf Harris now is it? I'd love to see a list of the countless number of celebs you've bumped into. Was I dreaming or did you somewhere relate a tale of running into Bowie, the PM, and some other VIP... Jesus? I really think a name change is in order. "Zelig Jones" has a nice ring to it...

    3. Too late TT; Seamus over on Vapour Trails has already thrown the 'Zelig' moniker at me...
      It was Bowie, Blair and Rushdie btw...
      Keep your eyes peeled; there's plenty more.