Sunday, 26 May 2013

Shameless Self Promotion: 3: Desert Island Discs: Israel Phil: Miracle Mile: Glow

A top slot for Miracle Mile in the series of 'Desert Island Discs'.
You can buy 'Glow' here.

This from Israel Phil:
#1 Miracle Mile - Glow
At the time of Glow's release Prefab Sprouts 'Jordan' had been my #1 album for 15 years, and that had nudged out 'Steve McQueen' from the #1 spot, so I really thought Jordan would be at the top until my dying day or, if it was to be de-throned it would be by another Prefab Sprout album. Then 'Glow' arrived. Even the CD packaging was fantastic! But those songs just somehow connected me with my past. I'd sit and listen to it night after night sipping at my Glenfiddich. Marcus's furnishings of Trevs songs are remarkable. The addition of hammond organ and fugle horn together with BJ Cole and Melvin Duffys Pedal steel all make the album have a 60's feel while still sounding 21st century. I love the album as a whole, but if I had to pick favourite tracks it would be 'What Kate Did Next' ( Bacharach eat your heart out), 'Heels For Dust' ( memories from the playground), 'Call it Home' ( memories can creep deep into your bones) and 'Hey, Light Of Day'.
Glow, really is music for the soul.

David Ashley writes:
Glow is a great lp as they all are - top 5 glow tracks for me
can I start again please
what kate did next
heels for dust
an average sadness
paper planes and ponytails

TT writes: Thumbs way up Phil!
Glow very deserving of top slot...
'Kate' is pure bliss. 
Those horns... Ah!!!

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