Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hopeland: The Britsound Interview

I'm about to publish the book of 'Hopeland' on Kindle.
Before I do that I need to read through it again.
Seems like I shouldn't have to suffer alone, so I'll be posting it here, a chapter at a time.
Let me know if you see typos, etc.
If you'd like to hear about the thinking behind the words you can find the horse's mouth here
(I hope that you get the right end...)
This is me chatting (stammering and stumbling actually) about 'Hopeland' at the time of release.
Never trust a man who overuses the phrase 'to be perfectly honest'. 
I gave up counting once into double figures...
BritSound is a radio station based in New York. Along with the very best in new British music and CLASSIC British music, Britsound is the show to listen to for Anglophiles in America.
The show is presented by award-winning radio veteran Rob Quicke, a prince...


  1. TT: I don't know if you saw the message from Stuart Muir attached to your 'Closing Sale: A Record Store Lament' post. See below...
    Also, could you drop me a quick email, I've lost your address...

    Ok its 21 months since this post, but I've gotta ask: is this Eric whose father nailed a piece of 2x4 to the side of your Nova (?) to keep the door shut when it wouldn't latch? If so, it's Stu from The Record Rack. One of the best jobs I ever had. Course I didn't make a cent, but I had an amazing music collection....


  2. Thanks for digging Stuart's comment out of the archives. Eric was flabbergasted that after 25 years without contact, his old record shop cohort Stuart would come across his one and only comment on the entire internet, buried in an obscure blog. We're still wondering... HOW?

    PS: Good grief, you're so self-critical. You were very well-spoken in the interview...