Monday, 28 October 2013

Lou Reed: When You're All Alone and Lonely

Sad but kind of predictable.
Brace yourselves for the inevitable gushing tributes and covers, probably featuring Sting, Bono, Elton etc.
Only Cale and perhaps Bowie have the right...
And 'Perfect Day' as Xmas No 1 anyone?

Meanwhile, let's remember the albums and songs.
The Guardian have a nice feature on 6 of Lou's best songs here.
Seamus over on Vapour Trails is typically perceptive and succinct about his favorite pieces of Reed...

I'll personally will be digging out:

Songs for Drella
New York

Walk on the Wild Side
Satellite of Love
Perfect Day
Pale Blue Eyes
Caroline Says 11
And listen now to the sublime Coney Island Baby.
"When you're all alone and lonely..."
Who says that Lou couldn't sing?


  1. Been back in the Velvets mostly, but also Berlin and Street Hassle and Drella. Mr Cale may also have some right to pay tribute! The sheer quantity of great songs is easy to forget. I may do a playlist.

    1. Cale included as soon as I realised my gaffe!
      There are some great 5 CD original album series box sets out there @ £10.

  2. Yes, it's sad. But he's been ill for a while. While the Velvets were ground breaking, Lou solo was mostly a reactionary. Agree his work with Bowie was his best. Although I've always had a soft spot for the New York album. One of the very few realised as a CDG.

  3. I love the first 8 songs of NY. It kind of wanders after that...

  4. Can't say I've ever been a big Lou fan. The early stuff was just too creepy & sordid for this sheltered suburban boy. I know it's not cool, but it wasn't until his mid-80's catchy pop-rock LP 'New Sensations' that I really gave him a chance. I still think it's his best/least patchy album; Lou playing all rhythm/lead guitars himself, seemingly enjoying himself for a change! Title track and 'I Love You Suzanne' remain favorites, but I'd also have to add "Sad Song", "Dirty Blvd", "Coney Island Baby"...
    Certainly a seminal influence on several of my favorite artists. Bruce & Lloyd first come to mind...

    1. The famous line is that the Velvets only sold 5,000 albums but everyone who brought one started a band. Lloyd def' owns a Lou album or two...