Friday, 4 October 2013

Lovesong: Amos Lee: Man Who Wants You

Amos Lee is a fine singer and songwriter; his last album was a fine thing. 'The Mission Bell' was produced by Joey Burns the leading light with Tuscon's Tex-Mex indie rockers Calexico. Burns added some much needed mescal addled grain to Lee's previously meat and potatoes R&B outpourings. Albums 1-4 are great showcases for a fine voice, but on Mission Bell Amos found a sonic landscape that provided an edgy ambience to this previously straight ace. For his 5th album 'Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song' Lee took his touring band into the studio.

"I wanted to play these songs with people that I trust musically, and stay open to where it took us. The touring band works really hard, they're really musical, they're a good hang, so it was cool to hole up for a few weeks and experience it together. In the singer-songwriter world, it can be sort of a solitary creative process, so it's good to collaborate with people and bring songs to life together. It's a bunch of songs from 1 to 12 you can listen to together. That notion of an album may be antiquated, but as someone whose mind has always been set to that, as a performer and as a listener, I still feel inclined to do it."

Meanwhile, here's Amos Lee performing ... ahem... a groovy track from the album.
This is 'Man Who Wants You'.

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