Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Macwood Fleet (Nick Baker): New Blog

There are certain folk that you 'meet' on the internet that you kind of know would be grand in the 'flesh'
The kind of folk you know you could share a beer with and not worry about them noticing that booger up your left nostril.
The kind of of mate that would offer you the last sweet and sour pork ball.
The kind of mate that you'd dust off the special malt for...
The kind of mate who would put you in the last taxi home...
Israel Phil
COS Dave
Seamus at Vapour Trails
A few others...
I hope that we will all raise a glass some day.

Nick Baker is 'Macwood Fleet' on Facebook.
Go on, search him out.
He's good company.
He has a good ear.
He's put me onto many a fine album that I'd never heard of.
He's always good for a chat too.
He is however Welsh.
Every cloud...
(Speaking as a 1/8th Welshman. Trevor Lewis Jones for Christ's sake)
Nick has a new blog page.
He's currently waxing lyrical (welsh!) about his favourite albums of the year.
He's currently responsible for my overdraft but...
Trust him.
He knows his stuff...


  1. Ha ha, you know you are my musical hero Mr Jones. Thanks for the kind words. 2013 has been a great year for music. I've made it my goal to search out stuff New to me this year. It hasn't worked every time. Not every song on every album is on YouTube. You can only tell so much from 30 second snippets on Amazon and I've made a few mistakes. But that's the fun if it, isn't it? I still have the artists who I rely on to put in a decent performance every game. There are also though who have risen like a Phoenix from the flames. And there are those who are waiting to come off the subs bench and impress me. (How many more football cliches can I put in here?) . You and Miracle Mile however are my captain. Always reliable and always put in s great performance. It pains me to say it but you and Marcus are my Man Utd. By the way, when are we going to get that acoustic solo album?????

  2. I am popping over now , i need some inspiration. Apart from mm and the still getting over how good it is crimson red ive struggled this year to find stuff i really love

    1. Glad that you like Crimson Red. Initially thought that it could have done with a band rather than the programming but my ear is used to it now; all I hear are beautiful songs and that voice...

  3. Crimson Red still to go on the list. As is some dodgy record called In Cassidy's Care. But I'm just making Trevor sweat a bit until I put it up there :) still a few to go before that one :)

  4. Congrats Nick. I've tacked "Mackwood Fleet" blog onto my home page, and look forward to visiting often...

    Trev: Would be great if someday you can just get Scotty to crank up that transporter and beam us all up/over to a quiet pub where we could share a pint. It's been 20 years since I've seen London. Are they still serving up "scurvy" at the Mayflower?

    PS: M's CT & screening came back OK again...
    3 1/2 years - "Ask me if I am grateful - Watch as I fall down to my knees"

  5. Great news about M! Give her my love TT...
    And, where's the Mayflower? Scotty needs the coordinates...

    1. Foggy memories from 80's... Mayflower one of those historic "must visit" spots right out of the backpacker bibles, 'Let's Go Europe' or the 'Lonely Planet Guide.' Right on the Thames, somewhere around Tower Bridge? Just remember asking for "scurvy", their specialty.

  6. Like David I'm looking for some inspiration too.This year has been very much a case of buying the tried and tested and they certainly haven't let me down, but only 3 purchases this year have been from new ( to me ) artists and 2 of those were released last year!
    Nicks site looks like just the place to open up new music to me , so thanks.
    Heres some links to some of the new stuff that has caught my attention this year
    First up , from over the pond it's Elim Bolt
    Next is Lenzie Moss from Glasgow
    and lastly on Edwyns AED Records there's Gary McClure
    Phil Tel Aviv

  7. Great stuff Phil, always on the lookout for new sounds. I will check these out :)

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