Friday, 4 April 2014

Lovesong: San Fermin: Sonsick

I've just got this Brooklyn band's debut album and it's a wonderful thing.
Unclassifiable... I think that they are a 'collective' but am unsure; it's the brainchild of songwriter/composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone who composed everything. But for me the real stars are the songs and the singers: The guy (Allen Tate I believe) sounds a little like Bill Callahan wearing the trousers of a decipherable Kurt Wagner, the girl... like something from a girl band with balls...
And the music is a mash up of beats and baroque string arrangements. Dissonance meanders into moments of quiet beauty. Saxophones wail, strings soar and beats collide.
There's even a rogue duck in there somewhere.
It shouldn't work but it does.

Here's 'Sonsick' followed by 'Renaissance!'.
After that check out the short live performance.
Then buy the album and tell your friends.
There's something for everyone in this wonderfully collaborative music.

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  1. You know I'm a sucker for this quirky, bombastic orchestral kind of thing. Nice find! Odd that this didn't show up on any of the critics 2013 year end lists. Would surely have made my list...

    Your description seems pretty accurate. Every single review compares the band to The National esp. Matt Berninger's vocals. However I find that band a bit draggy and redundant, whereas this is a rather exciting, complex and ambitious project, with excellent vocalists. Really good live too, eh? The clips you posted are top-notch, and I also love Casanova, Daedalus, Crueler Kind & Bar.

    Glad to see you're still adventurous and open to this kind of weirdness.
    Thanks for sharing this. Amazon here we come...