Sunday, 20 April 2014

Retro Easter Sunday: 1

Staying indoors today after a Thu/Fri/Sat of driving across the country in Bank Holiday traffic delivering a car. My Mum's given up her beloved 'Suzi Q' Suzuki Swift for a newer model. Di's sister Hilary is now the proud owner. Mum talked to that car. Wouldn't drive the new one until the old one was gone, just in case Suzi saw her… 'Bat Shit Betty' is my mater; bonkers and beloved.
Anyway, although it was great to see everyone I'm done with motorways and 'secret' back routes.
Today I'm staying put.
Girlfriend in the bath.
Slow roast of pork for lunch.
Football on with the sound down and…
Retro albums all day: '60s & 70s' classics that I've stuck away for a rainy day and… yup, it's raining!
I'll post them as I play them.
You can play along or just heckle at my lack of cool.
I know that you'd like to be sitting next to me on the cinnamon chair so, with that in mind, first up is:
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
Now, I love Dark Side of the Moon, but this album always surprises me when I play it.
It's as if I didn't really pay attention to it way back…
I'm thinking that might be a reoccurring theme today.
Artist's 2nd best albums; the ones that suffered in the shadow of the behemoth…
I'll post the track that strikes me boldly…


  1. Sounds lime a good day. I've always enjoyed Wish more than Dark and its probably my favourite Floyd album. I think when Mr Waters started taking more of a hold they were pursuing HIS vision and not the band. What's next :)