Saturday, 12 April 2014

Toronto Tim Says: Sprout Shout: From God to Rod

Toronto Tim writes:

I'm not sure if you're aware of this one already, but I've just discovered an interesting website, all about songwriters and their insights into the process... "". Specializes in podcast chats, in-depth audio interviews with "some of the world’s most successful songwriters." 

A few minutes ago finished listening to a recent posting featuring a gentleman you're familiar with... PADDY MCALOON. Truly enjoyable & fascinating... Covers a lot of ground in an hour and a bit, but still just the tip of the iceberg about the old magician. Wish it went another five hours. Paddy's such a wonderful interview, even on a fuzzy phone connection. He exudes infectious joy & passion when discussing music and the process of songwriting. Sounds like he's constantly creating new music, but somewhat insecure/lazy about getting anything released. Hilarious that he's written a box full of tunes for Rod Stewart, but doesn't have the courage to tell him about it. Rod???

Anyway, if you have a free hour, it's time well spent... 

Also, many more hours to spend with other interviews including Jimmy Webb, Thomas Dolby, Andy Partridge, Neil Finn, Nick Lowe, Ron Sexsmith, Rickie Lee Jones etc...  


  1. I caught this interview a couple of weeks ago, a really good one. I thought the 'Crimson/Red' interviews were all very good. This is my favourite.
    While I'm hear a big thanks to Tim for the Bill Prtichard nudge. Excellent, it does sound like a lost Lilac Time album, doesn't it?
    I'm loving the new Weeping Willows album 'The Time Has Come'. What a voice!
    Tel Aviv

  2. Wow, thanks Phil: that's a marvellous chat with Paddy... Starts out awful serious, talking about "living in the now" to avoid reality & fears about impending mortality! Oddly enough, I can completely identify with him! Interesting that he uses "not looking back (or forward)" as an excuse for not releasing new material. Seems that he also suffers from a general insecurity & anxiety about the weight of expectations of his music. Maybe a little stubborn and lazy too! Of course, we'd all love to hear more of the gems from his vast archive of material; but hey, he appears to be contented with his chosen hermetic lifestyle. Gotta love him.

    Enjoyed the stories of how he wrote songs for people like Streisand, Cher & Scott Walker, and now sorta regrets it... Also his reflections on pumping gas at his Dad's garage, meeting Macca, and his "delusions of grandeur" circa 'Swoon/Steve McQueen' before reality set in...

    Very odd too how he's suddenly inviting completely unknown blogsters to his house for a chat, even strumming some tunes. Amazing!
    I'm thinking maybe Paddy won't admit it, but he's lonely? Perhaps it's time to persuade our distinguished 'Hissyfit' blogmaster to take a trip north to Durham for a tete-a-tete. Now that's a conversation I'd love to hear!

    PS; Will check out Weeping Willows. There's a lot of great music comes out of Scandinavia that gets overlooked.

  3. Agree on the Scandinavian/Norwegian/Icelandic comment… Thomas Dybdal/Miike Snow/Royksopp/Ane Brun/Sondre Lurche(very Paddy)/Kings of Convenience/Sigur Ros/Emiliana Torrini & Stina Nordstrum
    Me and Paddy? Now there's a thought, although I don't think I'd get a word in…