Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lovesong: Cherry Ghost: Herd Runners

Sods law.
A year of fairly routine releases and then, just as I'm about to unleash my latest masterwork upon an unsuspecting public and claim my rightful place in the pantheon of pop, a whole glut of gloriousness hits the airwaves to keep your hearts from me.
Sorry if that sounds a bit DLT but…

Upbeat and brow beaten are usually oil and water.
Not here: Simon Aldred raises the bar; he has shaken and stirred a divine cocktail of love and longing and yet it all sounds intoxicatingly uplifting.
It's the aural equivalent of wearing your favorite comfy winter sweater to a BBQ; this album could become the sound of the summer for me.
Mojitos and misery anyone?

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