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To the Bone: Reviews: Onda Rock

This just in from Gianfranco Marmoro.
I'm unsure of the translation but… I think that he likes it…

Passionate, sincere, profound, essential, the music of the Miracle Mile seems to have finally found the perfect architecture "In Cassidy's Care" point of reference for his consecration. He arrived at the third solo album, the singer Trevor Jones is well aware that the emotional power of his music is the added value of a well-established style that is unlikely to continue to evolve.
In "To The Bone" the artist prefers to rediscover notes and harmonies aside, pending a more intimate diary in which to flow these beautiful and fragile sketches. Marcus Cliffe is always behind the scenes to grace the 14 tracks on the album without ever suffocating, and stressing with beautiful arrangements ofpedal steel and piano tone more sad and personal, where regret, resignation and silence, dream and hope they try to piece together a sense of bewilderment that Jones has lived with anxiety in the past tormented years.

For an author constantly striving to put music in the most secret emotions and sometimes harsh, it is necessary to give the healing power of music the key to the increasingly difficult journey towards maturity and old age. He has never hidden his admiration for the Blue Nile, and it is clear that intensive listening " Mid Air "Trevor Jones has given to the energy needed to face the inevitable melancholy starvation, which occurs when dreams run every time seem closer, making it necessary to start over.
The refined and sophisticated pop of Trevor always moves between known coordinates: Prefab Sprout,Elvis Costello and the whole heritage of the best songwriters Anglo-American, but his most recent passions seem to be Joe Henry, Tom Waits , Leonard Cohen , precisely the Blue Nile, Talk Talk and the Lilac Time, it is not difficult to see their poetry in the pages of "To The Bone", which is a nostalgic reminder of the value of friendship in "Phil The Hat" or the dreamy picture of "Dream Horses" (a beautiful ballad for piano and orchestra).

There is a new sensibility, however, behind the always beautiful ballads to electro-Jones and harmonic turns hugging each other, creating delicate uptempo songs that sound familiar, and perhaps a little innovative, but they are all pervaded by a spiritual novel. The formal perfection and the bombast of "In Cassidy's Care" is set aside in favor of a recklessness that as a gentle wind storm leaves decanted and the fears and thoughts without evidence or seek solace.
"To The Bone" is for sure the solo album more akin to the music of the Miracle Mile, but here everything is simpler, more minimal and straightforward. "We can discuss every word read or can we make love," Jones sings in "Books To Bed", but it is a last-ditch attempt to romance, just an invitation to talk about himself without metaphors or obstacles. "I will reveal my truth and you show me yours," he whispers again, while a police siren sounds far away.

Everything is on hold or waiting for a response in "To The Bone": a touch of country-western "Some Kind Of Surrender" try to soften the defeat of yet another waiver, almost sterile minimalism to Paul Buchananof "Pardon Me "sets to music the dismay and fear of going blind or perhaps only of being confused and distracted, and the sirens back on stage in the solo piano instrumental of" glimpsed And Gone "by opening the doors to the title track that seems to tighten for a moment the doors of suffering with an elegiac choral prayer Celtic folk style.
"Man Behind The Moon" and "Fireworks" seem to have escaped a project of the band-mother, with their romance more defined and the recurrent specter of a failed relationship or inert. It is behind the crystalline and limpid simplicity of episodes like "The Fullness Of Time" that hides however the essence of the new project of the musician, which gives an unexpected duet with Lucinda Drayton in "Angelicana", an uptempo track that evokes the past then sink your hands into a contagious and passionate soul.

Like any adventure, there is always a sound artist attention to detail not only lyrical but also theme: touch the innermost chords is very painful, but in this process of collective catharsis almost with his audiences Jones sees a hope that rely on "Somewhere North Of Here", a languid ballad immersed in the sound of the pedal steel Melvin Duffy ("I will walk beside you and you will know that there are, I touch you gently to comfort your despair").
It is an album destined to repeat the great success of the last album of the Miracle Mile, but certainly a testimony of a sincere and profound artistic profile that is unmatched in modern British pop music scene;too softly, the music of Trevor Jones remains one of the deepest pleasures of our mad passion for seven immutable notes.

7.5 Gianfranco Marmoro


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