Sunday, 15 June 2014

To the Bone: Out tomorrow

So, 'To the Bone' is released tomorrow.
June 16th.
I'm hoping that it'll stir up some interest but fear that it might pass unseen.
It's always an uneasy time around release date.
You want the world to tell you that your latest baby is beautiful, but secretly fear that it might have to abide in the cellar with all of the other slightly wonky, cross eyed offspring…
If that sounds dark, wait until you:
a: hear the album
b: see the Uruguayans kick Stirling up in the air on Thursday

You can order the album direct here.
You could also really help its cause by offering up reviews on Amazon or on iTunes.

Early reviews have been encouraging:

‘Music to stir the senses… a genuine gem’
Roots and Branches

‘Achingly tender’
Folk Radio UK

‘Gorgeous ambient touches. Another corker… possibly his best yet’
HiFi News (Album of the Month)

Here's a track (courtesy Macwood Fleet) to whet the appetite.


  1. Hi Trev - good luck with the Bloomsday release. I hope to get a review up the week after next. I'm up to my otters at the moment with a paper I'm delivering on Friday or Sat which I still have a lot of work to do on.
    To The Bone manages to be both sophisticated and fragile. And clearly, lots of chickens were skinned!

    1. Thanks Seamus. I much admire your writing so look forward to the review.
      "Up to your otters"? Another line nicked!

  2. How can you talk of your children that way? Abide in the cellar, indeed. Well, this one's a beauty, no matter what anyone says. If I wasn't already married, I'd marry her :)

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