Monday, 9 June 2014

'To the Bone' Reviews: HiFi News

With a week to go until the release of 'To the Bone' reviews are a bit thin on the ground; it seems that
there are a multitude of us vying for limited column inches.
Happy therefore to report that the album was made 'Album of the Month' in July's 'HiFi News & Record Review'.
Here's the write up below, courtesy of journalist Johnny Black.
When I told Marcus that we'd received a 92% 'Sound Rating' (2% more than the new Donald Fagen album and Sinatra's sublime 'Songs for Swinging Lovers') he wanted to know what had happened to the other 8%. There's no pleasing some folk, although I'm glad that his standards are high…

HiFi News 'Album Choice':
Many of you, although not yet enough, already know Trevor Jones in his incarnation as Miracle Mile, easily Britain's most singer-songwriterly duo. Occasionally he releases a solo album, but how these differ from Miracle Mile albums is hard to define. Analytically, it's probably that a Jones album is more minimal, less complex, than a Miracle Mile album, and that the balance between the contributions of Jones and his multi-instrumentalist partner Marcus Cliffe is skewed more towards Jones. This is another corker with gorgeous ambient touches: the distant police sirens in 'Books to Bed', the steel guitar that morphs into an angelic choir on the short, sweet, 'Man Behind the Moon'. Possibly his best yet, 'til the next one.
Johnny Black
Sound Quality: 92%


  1. Better than Ol' Blue Eyes! That's praise.

  2. I wish Seamus; just for a Wee Wee ounce of the man's talent.

  3. Marcus has done a great job with the production. You two should form a band!!! Seriously, you've both produced a gem of a record and you should be proud. Limited edition vinyl would be nice though :)