Sunday, 22 January 2012

Di's Photography

My lovely Di continues with her photographic endeavors.
A damaged dancer and reluctant model, she's found something (other than a Mediterranean island and me) to fall in love with. There's purpose to her passion, a new career, and she's coming on apace. Have a look at some of her recent work here; she'd love to get some feedback (even a critique) so why not drop her a line or leave a 'Comment'.
I can guarantee a (fairly exhaustive) response from her...

1 comment:

  1. I indulged in Di's photographs and there is one that stood out for me. It was 4353.jpg (7th one down in her Favourites of 2011). I think that this photo is so natural and majestic. The lady is thinking about something, and, as a viewer, I am intrigued as to where she is in her mind. The wind has caught her hair wonderfully.
    My favourite in a selection of lovely photographs.