Friday, 13 January 2012

Slide Show: Kelly Joe Phelps

I love slide guitar and I'm going to post a few of my favourite players. 

Let's start with the lady below who probably invented head scarfs.

A light bulb's a bright idea when you can't find your bottleneck...

Quirky but here's how it should be done; by Kelly Joe Phelps; he slides, he picks, he gives lessons, he writes and sings great songs (River Rat Jimmy/Tommy etc) and he can perform them live... 
I heard someone say that he plays the guitar like Tom Waits plays the piano, which I kind of get. 
His best album of 'songs' (I think) is 'Sky Like a Broken Clock' which includes my favourite song of his the heart breaking 'Tommy' (I'm afraid that I couldn't find a YouTube version), but all of his albums are hair-raisingly good.
If you like this first one; 'Tight to the Jar', just keep going...

This beauty is called 'Crow's Nest' 

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  1. I'm rather partial to a bit of slide guitar and Kelly Joe Phelps can certainly play.Never heard of him before,but I'll certainly be checking out more of his music.Thanks.
    Tel Aviv